As I sat down to put my first thoughts onto this site, I didn’t really have a clue what I was going to write about.  While I initially thought that someone who came here might want to know more about me (how vain right?), it turned into a mish-mosh of thoughts roughly put together in paragraph form.  I’m calling it a rough draft, so I don’t get all pissy when I go back to edit it the next time I sit down to write and realize how crappy it is.

As a child of the 80’s and teen of the 90’s, I’ve found that my spry wiley 20’s are long in my rear view and I’m now faced with the eminent reality of a doctor probing my bottom.

It’s ok.  I’ve got a 2yo daughter to help keep me calm.  I’ve always been a homebody.  But, now the destruction associated with selecting the orange sippy cup instead of the pink sippy cup obliterates any possibility of a successful retreat to any distant corner of the house.  So, because I can’t (and don’t want to) run away from home (I couldn’t abandon my wife), I decided that I needed a creative outlet for my stress.  This.

“Life is peaceful.”

– Said no 40yo father of a 2yo girl

That’s all really tongue-in-cheek because my little girl is the greatest accomplishment of my life and I love her in only a way that a parent can feel. And I’m eternally grateful for her.

Sap out of the way…We all need one. An outlet for stress.  We’re all so consumed with our daily lives that many don’t even stop to realize that they have stress in their lives that needs to be recognized and managed.  You gotta vent that stuff.

Some people are good at managing their stress. Others are good at ignoring it. And, there are many who don’t even know what stress is.  I’m none of those. And, until recently, I didn’t really give much thought to the concept of managing my stress.  As a native Texan, shooting circles in paper has always been an effective method, until the cost of the ammo outweighs the enjoyment of shooting it.

My point is, if you’re someone like myself who’s never really thought about actively managing their stress, finding a nice hobby as an outlet can be a great start to getting a handle on it. 

Find something that makes you happy and have fun.  Relax. 

 Surfside Beach (July 2018)

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