So…When you’re on a “diet”, there always seem to be restrictions that make you a pain in the posterior to go out and eat with, if you’re even willing to try.  When my wife and I started keto, we had a laundry list of reasons to try something different to get our overall health more in line with what we’d expect for our age.  At the time, it felt like we ate out for dinner 5-10 times a week.  When I read that, it seems like an exaggeration, but I really don’t thing it is (sadly). 

Anyway, once doing keto, we didn’t even ATTEMPT to try to eat at any fast food restaurants for at least the first month, until someone mentioned the “lettuce wrapped” Baconator at Wendy’s.  Uhhh…Yes please. 

I’ll take a lettuce wrapped Dave’s Single with a Caesar side salad and a light lemonade.

Wendy’s Keto Order

“Lettuce wrap” it.  I envision that this will become a more common phrase in the food industry, as the popularity of ketogenisis continues to rise.  I think it’s brilliant.  In so many common fast food items, the bun or tortilla are the lion’s share of the carbs in the item.  Lettuce circumvents that carb train to make it keto friendly.

And…Instead if fries, do their Caesar or garden side salads.  If you do the meal, this is a direct sub for the fries and you can pair with their lite lemonade (if it seems to good yo be true…they accidentally gave you regular lemonade).

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share this with anyone else out there who may be wondering where they can find keto friendly food on the go.  We’ve found a few since, so I’ll follow up with other locations soon. 

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